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Slow down. See the world. Be financially secure. Spend time with your kids. Live intentionally.


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Time for Change

Have you even woken up in the middle of the night, dreading the following work day? Or felt your heart sink when you had to send your four-year-old off to full-day kindergarten, knowing that their deepest desire was to stay home and play in their mud kitchen in the backyard? Have you ever thought to yourself, "What I really want today is not to commute in this snowstorm; not to go to work sick, because I have to save my sick days; not  to have to send my kid to before/after school care; not to have to worry about having this enormous mortgage hanging over my head; not to be counting down the days to my next vacation... NOT to be hating my own life? 

When our daughter Emlyn was born, my wife Nancy and I were living "the status quo" and looking at how our expectations and decisions had put us squarely on a path very similar to what I just described. We were working stressful jobs, we had a massive house that we loved but that sucked our bank accounts dry, we didn't think we'd ever be able to travel or send our child to the school we knew we wanted her to attend, and forget RRSP contributions ... 

So we decided to make a massive life shift. 

Now our cost of living is so low we each only work part-time. Our daughter is taking a year off from the school we all love, and is going with us on 437 days of travel, exploration, and school-of-life. We're working from the road, paying into our retirement savings, and doing work we find meaningful and joyful. We’ve spent time in Curacao, St. Martin, New York and in various pastry shops around the country, and now we’re setting off on our biggest adventure yet. 

Life is much more fun with friends along, of course, so we want to share ALL of that with you. 

Are you looking to make a similar change? Join us! Tell us what you're up to, and what your dreams are. Tell us how we can help YOU make a massive shift toward more time, more money, and more joy.

We'd love to see you on the road. 

<3 Steph, Nancy, and Emlyn

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Stevie is an author, a homeschool teacher, and an intentional liver. She helps free spirits trapped in conventional ruts discover their true intentions for life - so they can break the mold, reclaim ownership of their money, their time & their lives, and wake up every day, truly ALIVE.

Sound like something you want for yourself? Join us! 

437 Days

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Dreaming of more time, more money and more freedom?


We help people discover who they want to be, where they want to go, and how to hack their lifestyles to give them a leg up on living large. 

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Steph is an author

As Steff F. Kneff, she writes the Emlyn and the Gremlin series: A Mom's Choice Award-Winning series about a little girl with two mothers who gets into all sorts of trouble with her friend Gremlin and her Great Dane Moose. 

As Stevie Mikayne, she has written five novels, including UnCatholic Conduct and Illicit Artifacts, both shortlisted for the Lambda Literary Award.

Nancy is the Rustic Goddess

She performs upcycling magic on just about anything--transforming wood and metal and glass into furniture, home decor and amazing gifts. She can be found at craft markets and Christmas shows, or, more often, in her workshop. 

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